Our Commitment We are even particular about the bread crumbs and oil. Our tonkatsu is characterized by its light finish, and it is also healthy. Also, depending on the type of fried food you order, you can enjoy a variety of different flavors such as our specially-made tonkatsu sauce passed down through the generations as well as truffle salt, rock salt and our original tartare sauce.


Koshihikari made by Mr.Tomomi Saito who commits himself to rice making in
Seiro-machi, Kitakanbara-gun, Niigata Prefecture where the land is well-endowed
and a clear rever flows, is used at our restaurant.
We offer the rice polished within 1 week which has been just cooked so that you can fully enjoy the fresh taste.


Fumizen is getting only carefully selected individuals respectively based mainly on
"Black pig Satsuma grown in Kagoshima-ken" and "Royal LWD Sangenton pig grown in Chiba-ken,"
which we use with a confidence. We are fussy about all dishes; meat, bread crumbs and oil, as well as rice and pickled radish.


Fumizen started at Hotel New Otani more than 40 years ago.
Fumizen's "tonkatsu" ahas impressed the successive prime ministers and celebrities of various fields,
and is also delivering boxed lunch to the Diet at present.
Wehope you will be satisfied with our inherited traditional taste of meat and seafood, and even oil and bread crumbs.